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There are many different ways to evolve a Pokemon in Pokemon GO, one of them being through the use of Lure Modules. Typically, these items are used to attract Pokemon to a PokeStop for a short time. Since the game's initial release, some thematic Lure Modules have been added that will attract specific types of Pokemon and even evolve some. There are several Pokemon that can evolve with the help of a Lure Module. Let's take a look at each, how many candies it'll cost, and more.

Pokemon That Evolve With A Rainy Lure

Pokemon GO: Every Pokemon That Evolves With A Lure (1)
  • Sliggoo -> Goodra

The Rainy Lure Module came to Pokemon GO in May 2021 and provides players with the way to evolve Sliggoo into the Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon, Goodra.

Previously, they needed to wait until it was raining in-game to do so, but they can now obtain Goodra by feeding Sliggoo 100 Goomy Candies while in range of an active Rainy Lure Module as well. Sliggoo first evolves from Goomy with the use of 25 Goomy candies.

Aside from enabling Sliggoo's evolution, a Rainy Lure can be used to attract Water-, Bug-, and Electric-type Pokemon.

Pokemon That Evolve With A Mossy Lure

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  • Eevee -> Leafeon

Eevee has many evolutions, and is specifically known for them. Among them are two that require the use of a Lure Module.

This Normal-type can evolve into Leafeon, its Grass-type evolution, when fed 25 candies in range of a Mossy Lure Module.

This mimics the main series, where Eevee would evolve into Leafeon when leveled up near a Moss Rock. In Pokemon GO, this Mossy Lure evolution is essentially the same mechanic.

Outside of being used to evolve Eevee into Leafeon, the Mossy Lure Module will attract mostly Grass-, Bug-, and Poison-type Pokemon.

Pokemon That Evolve With A Glacial Lure

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Glacial Lure Modules are associated with Ice-types. However, it attracts both Ice- and Water-type Pokemon.

  • Eevee -> Glaceon

Similarly to Leafeon and the Moss Rock, Eevee would evolve into the Ice-type Eeveelution, Glaceon, when leveled up near an Ice Rock.

The equivalent in Pokemon GO is the Glacial Lure Module. An Eevee fed 25 candies in the range of an active Glacial Lure will evolve into Glaceon.

  • Crabrawler -> Crabominable

Additionally, Crabrawler can only evolve when near a Glacial Lure Module. This Alola Pokemon evolves into Crabominable for 50 candies. This mimics the main-series requirement of being on Mount Lanakila in Alola for Crabrawler to evolve (later changed to just the use of an Ice Stone outside of Alola).


How to Get All Eevee Evolutions in Pokemon GO

This complete and updated guide can help players to get Sylveon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, and Glaceon in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon That Evolve With A Magnetic Lure

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The final type of Lure Module that can be used to evolve Pokemon is the Magnetic Lure, which typically attracts Electric-, Steel-, and Rock-type Pokemon.

With the use of a Magnetic Lure Module, Pokemon GO allows for the evolution of three different Pokemon, which is a callback to the Special Magnetic Fields in the main games. These areas have high magnetic waves and are necessary to evolve the same Pokemon that use a Magnetic Lure Module in Pokemon GO.

  • Magneton -> Magnezone

The first Pokemon that can be evolved with the use of a Magnetic Lure is Magneton. This Steel/Electric-type initially evolves from Magnemite with the use of 25 candies.

It can then be evolved into Magnezone with the use of a Magnetic Lure and 100 candies.

  • Nosepass -> Probopass

Next up is Nosepass, a Rock-type from Gen III.

When near a Magnetic Lure, Nosepass becomes capable of evolving into the Steel/Rock-type Probopass from Gen IV. This takes 50 Nosepass candies, as well.

  • Charjabug -> Vikavolt

The final Magnetic Lure evolution is Charjabug, a Bug/Electric-type from Gen VII. After evolving from Grubbin with the use of 25 candies, Charjabug can then evolve into Vikavolt with 100 more candies and an active Magnetic Lure Module.

Special Case: Golden Lure Modules & Gimmighoul

Pokemon GO: Every Pokemon That Evolves With A Lure (6)

While the Golden Lure Module is not needed to evolve a Pokemon, it can be very helpful in doing so. Specifically, the Golden Lure Module can fast-track a player's attempt to evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo.

Here's how:

  • Gimmighoul evolves into Gholdengo with the use of 999 Gimmighoul Coins instead of using candies. These coins are obtained in three different ways: catching Gimmighoul, walking with Gimmighoul as your buddy, or spinning Golden PokeStops.
  • Gimmighoul will spawn for half an hour after using the Coin Bag, which is activated by sending a Postcard from Pokemon GO to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.
  • After five days of sending Postcards, the player will earn a Golden Lure Module, which can be activated at a PokeStop. This will turn the PokeStop gold for half an hour, spawning more Gimmighoul and dropping several Gimmighoul Coins when spun.
  • Golden PokeStops also occur naturally without the use of a Golden Lure Module during some events, where they will also drop Gimmighoul Coins, though they don't necessarily spawn Gimmighoul in the area.

How to Get Lure Modules in Pokemon GO

There are a few ways to obtain Lure Modules that are needed for these evolutions.

The first and most permanently-available method is to just buy them from the in-game shop. While a standard Lure Module is 100 Poke Coins, the specialty modules are a bit more expensive. Each one costs 180 Poke Coins.

It's worth noting that a player does not need to use their own Lure to evolve these Pokemon. Keeping an eye out for one that is active nearby is a good way to save some Poke Coins and still evolve a Pokemon. Search around to see if there are any active Glacial, Mossy, Rainy, or Magnetic Lures in the area to potentially use those first!

Community Days are often a good time to seek out PokeStops that have been lured by other people. For example, during Grubbin Community Day, it was quite easy to find PokeStops equipped with Magnetic Lures so people could evolve their newly-caught shiny Charjabugs.

Some other ways to obtain specialty Lure Modules include:

  • Shop bundles: some limited-time bundles will sometimes contain Lure Modules of different types
  • Special Research and Timed Research: Lure Modules can sometimes be among the rewards for completing Special Research quests or Timed Research tasks
  • Collection Challenges: these limited-time challenges have Lures as a reward, on occasion

The Golden Lure Module is only obtained by sending five Postcards (on five separate days) to Scarlet & Violet.

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