Figgerits Answers: Level 1 to Level 10 (2024)

Got stuck while playing the amazing word puzzle game Figgerits? Worry not, as I am here to help you with level 1 to level 10.

Figgerits is an amazing, challenging, and extremely popular word puzzle game that got me stuck more than once. I am sure that’s the case in your situation also, so I decided to come to the rescue.

In this article, I’m sharing with you the answers to the first 10 levels of Figgerits – so scroll down to check them all out below.

Figgerits Level 1 Answers

Single words (definitions): Guide, Tu­tored,Four,Digit
Phrase: Fig­ured it out

Figgerits Level 2 Answers


  • Exterior of an egg: Shell
  • It’s no _ crying over spilt milk: Use
  • Important ingredient in breaking bread: Yeast
  • Don’t speak about it, it’s a _ topic here: Taboo
  • I drew it all myself, _: Freehand
  • Eloquent speaker: Orator

Phrase: Less than half of our body.

Figgerits Level 3 Answers


  • Winter, spring, summer, autumn: Sea­son
  • (past tense) To attain victory: Won
  • Medicine or vitamin unit: Pill
  • Purple color or flower: Violet
  • Funny, silly laugh: Giggle
  • Large seabird: Pelican
  • Not together: Separate
  • Adult female: Woman
  • Mentally sound: Sane
  • For example, honeydew: Melon
  • Gift to charity: Donation

Phrase: Ice caps, glaciers, and permanent snow.

Figgerits Level 4 Answers


  • To express a desire: Wish
  • Failure to win: Loss
  • Study of ancestry: Genealogy
  • To scribble in a margin: Doodle
  • The science of understanding voting patterns: Psephology
  • Zen state of mind: Balance
  • To make someone feel bad: Offend
  • A problem that makes sinks stop working: Clog
  • To enter without being invited: Intrude
  • A person who fears open spaces: Agoraphobic
  • Uncommon: Rare
  • To follow rules: Obey
  • Scream a the top of your lungs: Yell
  • Quite! I can _ hear myself think!Barely
  • Investigation of the conscious and the unconscious: Psychoanalysis

Phrase: Body can go longer without sleep.

Figgerits Level 5 Answers


  • To become older: Age
  • To lose liquid through a hole: Leak
  • To sleep badly at night: Toss
  • 5 o’clock shadow: Stubble
  • Sign that represents something: Symbol
  • Something useless, (syn) rubbish: Garbage
  • You cannot _ in my business like that! Meddle
  • A place for old expensive stuff: Museum
  • Flower and yoga position: Lotus
  • Not worth a red cent: Useless
  • Stop it, I’m not in the _ for that: Mood
  • To yield flowers: Bloom
  • What is left after a fire: Soot

Proverb: Somebody tells you to break a leg.

Figgerits Level 6 Answers


  • To do or to perform something: Act
  • Music with lyrics: Song
  • (syn.) Information: Data
  • Computer data layout: Array
  • To support, uphold: Sustain
  • DNA unit: Gene
  • To entrench, fix deeply: Ingrain
  • Speech organ: Tongue
  • Antonym of variable: Constant
  • To come to a party: Attend
  • Angry reply: Retort
  • Type of jewelry: Earring
  • Someone telling a story: Narrator
  • A tiny apartment: Studio
  • Brother _ sister are siblings: And

Phrase: Raining cats and dogs outside today.

Figgerits Level 7 Answers


  • Greek clothing: Toga
  • Poker _ : Face
  • Constantly on guard: Vigilant
  • Restiveness, nervousness: Skittishness
  • Seeing him was the _ of my day: Highlight
  • _ me a second to collect myself: Allow
  • Related to the Christian Church: Ecclesiastical
  • He received a standing: Ovation
  • A space or a room used to work in: Of­fice
  • A scholar of fossils: Paleontologist
  • Mexican sauce: Salsa
  • Huge, enormous: Giant
  • To detest, hate: Loathe
  • A stroll outside of a spacecraft: Spacewalking

Phrase: Solving this was a piece of cake.

Figgerits Level 8 Answers


  • Measured in pounds or ounces: Mass
  • Oak, fir, elm: Tree
  • You need one’s _ to be their friend: Trust
  • He’s always been her _ admirer: Ardent
  • Lacking any taste: Insipid
  • Meant to, doomed: Destined
  • A type of dried fruit: Prune
  • Thaw in political tension: Detente
  • Antagonistic or unfavorable: Adverse
  • To divide or disconnect: Separate
  • To book in advance: Reserve
  • The importance of being _: Ernest
  • To drive way too fast: Speed
  • Musician with nimble fingers: Pianist

Phrase: Pirates never used treasure maps.

Figgerits Level 9 Answers


  • Rough copy: Draft
  • Tea or _ : Coffee
  • Power, strength, pressure: Force
  • It’s just a little _ (an injury): Scratch
  • To contort, twist: Distort
  • The other end of a pencil: Eraser
  • Not tightly fixed, ready to fall off: Loose
  • Damage by water or wind: Erosion
  • T in NAFTA: Trade
  • Detached from everything: Isolated
  • Meant to by fate: Destined
  • Normal or basic: Standard
  • (syn.) To evaluate, estimate: Assess
  • Celebration: Fiesta

Phrase: And it refers to the color of the sea.

Figgerits Level 10 Answers


  • _ card: Debit
  • Unpleasant wound on the heel: Blister
  • To take the case to a higher court: Appeal
  • The science of celestial bodies: Astrophysics
  • Super funny: Hilarious
  • Example: Expressionism, Realism: Style
  • Small American bird: Bluebird
  • (adv.) Doing something without being aware of it: Subconsciously
  • Beam used in surgery: Laser
  • Cheap hotel: Hostel
  • To overcome with force: Subdue
  • The linking of things together: Concatenation
  • Wedding passageway: Aisle
  • Total, of the highest degree: Absolute
  • Completely by yourself: Alone

Phrase: Australia used to be a British penal colony.

Wrapping up

These would be all the answers for Level 1 to Level 10 of Figgerits. If you want more answers for the next 10 levels, I suggest you check this page often, as I will constantly update the solution for all levels.

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Figgerits Answers: Level 1 to Level 10 (2024)


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